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Deccan Healthcare, for more than 10 years now, has been developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality wellness products

The Company utilizes its industry leading R&D and technical capabilities to produce superior formulations that optimize the nutritional value and performance for its customers’. The Company also leverages its knowledge and expertise to complement its products with value-added technical services and continuous customer support.

Deccan’s unique product and service offerings combined with its manufacturing flexibility enables it to create customized fortification solutions that address specific customer needs. The Company’s product customization capabilities and value-added services distinguish Deccan in the marketplace and provide a significant competitive advantage.

Deccan’s broad knowledge across a wide variety of competencies allows the Company to provide condition specific wellness products to meet customer’s needs.

Deccan is founded by Minto P. Gupta, a post graduate in biochemistry, with more than 25 years of hands on experience in R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Corporate Management in large size pharmaceutical companies. He had a passion for study and development of wellness products. To realize his passion for Wellness products he left working as high profile corporate executive and made a modest beginning as a businessman. His dream to help the world ‘Live a healthier life thru wellness products’ comes true as DECCAN HEALTHCARE.

The senior management team of Deccan is continuously expanding as experts from industry join to meet the challenges of expansion and growth. The team constitutes of experts from the industry and those who have grown with the company over the years.  However with specialized backgrounds the team members are multitasking and bound with the growth objectives of the company.