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Dear Fellow Healthcare Practitioner,

In this day your patient needs more than just the treatment of his immediate ailment.

Inspite of  Internet chat rooms, e-mail, fax transmissions, telephone answering machines, computerized voice mail and other electronic marvels of communication, your patients want to be treated by living, caring human being.

It would seem that today's technological wonders are so marvelous that many businesses and professions have let them take over - not just the little things, but the major things as well. Things like talking to one another at personal chamber consultation.

Well, that isn't the way it is at Deccan and that isn't the way it will likely be anytime soon. You and the legions of other healthcare professionals will always get our personal best, not just the best of our machines, our information systems and our data banks can give.

Why? For the same reason that you sit down and personally get to know and understand your patients. It is because we are working together in the most human of fields - healthcare. We are dealing with people's lives and comfort. With their expectations for today and their hopes for tomorrow. While there is a ready place for technology in what we do, the very foundation of our profession is direct, human-to-human contact. And that's the way it should always be. In fact, that's the way it must always be!

That is also the reason I have chosen to introduce this Deccan web-site with this personal message: To let you know that despite Deccan’s commercial success and enormous growth as a company, we remain as dedicated to the personal, human purposes and values that led us to found the firm nearly a decade ago.

This was and is the credo on which Deccan is based:

  • Our fundamental focus is patient well-being.
  • We hold to the principle that the professional healthcare practitioner is the surest way to good health.
  • We maintain an absolute commitment to product quality, purity and efficacy.
  • The professionals who rely on us deserve nothing less than our personal best in service and support.

Those aren't just words on an office wall plaque, they're the daily guidelines by which we operate. Here are a few of the many ways we work to make them real.

Deccan Wellness products are made to the industry's most exacting standards. Each of the  raw materials used in our formulations undergoes regular, random laboratory analysis to assure purity and potency. These extraordinary natural substances then become Deccan’s products in award-winning, ultra-modern production facilities.

Our dedication to you, the healthcare professional, is absolute. Our products are formulated and produced specifically to support your healing arts and are available to your patients only in that context and only through you. 

Deccan product selection and diversity is unequaled. Our broad spectrum of more than 30 products from vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes and others to proprietary lines and so much more, represent a diverse line of nutritional supplementation.

Personal dedication remains our defining company trait. Whether shipping all possible orders the day they are placed, constantly seeking new and improved formulations for your patients' health, or simply answering our telephones in person and with a real willingness to help, we strive to provide the nutritional assistance you want and the nutritional products your patients need.

Let us work together. Let us know how we're doing.

Yours in successful healthcare,

Gupta Minto P

Founder, Deccan Healthcare